Stop the Radio Towers


Four photos from the 1 December demonstrations in 

Tsawwassen & Point Roberts

Coalition to Stop the Towers

Starting with smiling lady with the red jacket on her chair back and moving left around the table:

Jennifer Urquhart, Renee Coe, Greg Edwards, James Ronback, Michael Rosser, 

Steven B Wolff, Mark Robbins, and Arthur Reber.

This group of concerned citizens is working very hard to understand the multitude of issues 

required to stop the radio towers from being built in Point Roberts.   

They need your support in brain power, energy, influence and contributions to launch this fight.

Contact Suzanne Rosser to offer your time and skills

[email protected]

Photos below were taken at the 23 October 2013 meeting by Carol Fuegi.

^^ Vickie Huntington, MLA Delta

^^ Steve Graham, Stop the Radio Towers volunteer

^^  Crowd of hundreds attended the 23 October 2013 meeting in Tsawwassen.  vv