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Your credit card statement will show Point Roberts (Taxpayers Association).

The Point Roberts Taxpayayers Association (PRTA) is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Washington.  PRTA is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and donations are deductible for US tax purposes. 

PayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute. 
Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are supported and treated just like a credit card. 

Card types that are currently not compatible with PayPal Merchant Services are:

  • Procurement and private label credit cards (such as a department store credit card).
  • Debit cards requiring a numeric password and pin-pad for entry.

Donate funds to help cover out-of-pocket expenses related to educating the public, payments to experts and attorneys if needed, and travel costs related to in-person testifying.

The coalition will not engage any experts or attorneys without the money in advance to pay them, so as we determine the need, we may seek additional donations.  In the event we do not use all the monies raised, those who donate $100 or more may participate in a pro-rated refund program.

There are 2 ways to donate:

1.  You can donate online by clicking on the Donate button to the left.  The funds go to the Point Roberts Taxpayers Association.

2.  You can write a check from your US or Canadian bank.

The Point Roberts Taxpayers Association has agreed to act as the coalition’s treasurer.  Funds collected will be held in a separate account.

To make a donation please write checks payable to:

PRTA / Fight the towers

Mail to:  

Fight the Towers  c/o PRTA 

PO Box 158

Point Roberts, WA 98281  USA