Stop the Radio Towers


We did REALLY well thanks ALL

No Towers Victory and Retire the Debt Party

Saturday March 5th, 

6 pm to whenever,

US $20 

Can $25

donation @ door.

Time to take off the rain boots and put on your dancing shoes, for a big PARTY that you won’t want to miss.
 It’s time to eat, drink, dance, and be VICTORIOUS! And help the Cross-Border Coalition to Stop the Towers pay off its final legal bills. 
We are having a victory celebration at Kiniski’s Reef Tavern on Saturday, March 5, 2016, from 6 pm till late, with live music, dancing, stand-up comedy, raffle, silent auction, prizes, and more. 
The main attraction will be The Neon Stars, a well-known six-member Vancouver band playing vintage country and honky-tonk music. 
There will be a suggested donation of US$20 CAN $30 for admission, which includes (while supplies last) a complimentary Stop the Towers cap. 
The raffle will be for a 50-inch TV with wall mount and speaker system (a $900 value), courtesy of TSB Shipping. Raffle tickets are US$20, with only 200 offered, and the winner need not be present for the drawing.  They can be purchased in advance at the Reef, Auntie Pam’s, and TSB Shipping. 
We want this to be a fun, celebratory party and an opportunity to thank all our stalwart champions in Point Roberts and Tsawwassen who contributed their time, intellect, labor, and money to stop the towers. Thanks also go to the All Point Bulletin and Delta Optimist for their consistent and valuable support to our cause. Yes, we won the fight, but we still owe a good chunk of money to the lawyers who secured our victory. 
Please visit for more information; and if you can’t make it to the Party at the Reef on March 5th, consider making a donation to help us retire our debt, online or by check to PRTA/FTT, PO Box 158, Point Roberts, WA 98281-0158.

The FCC settled and gave KRPI a license renewal, BUT a $10,000 Penalty, and Canceled the FCC permit to build in Pt Roberts .

WE WON !!!!!!
The Whatcom permit to build is DEAD- they CANT build them.

its Nov 30th BBC/KRPI did not file a new Appeal.

But BBC/KRPI have 30 + days to Appeal again.
Will they?????

They appealed at Skagit Cnty Court
we WON
The Judge gave her 10 points of "no" to BBC/KRPI right at the end.
Actually it is was "HELL NO"

The Golf Tournie was a GREAT success - THANKS

We made money THANKS all  !!!!

The 4th of July in Point Roberts was good for the Coalition!

The Cross Border Coalition to Stop the Radio Towers where we handed out red Stop the Towers baseball caps for a donation of $10 or more

The Art Auction did pretty good - thank you all !

LUPA appeal Pre-Hearing was held in Skagit County April 8th, 2015

Fight over towers now in

MARCH 18, 2015 12:00 AM

A lot of time and money have been invested in the issue thus far, so it's not surprising in the least that the application to erect radio towers in Point Roberts has now found its way into the U.S. court system.

BBC Broadcasting Inc. is appealing Whatcom County's decision to reject the towers in a case that will be heard to the south in Skagit County Superior Court, likely sometime this summer.

The applicant has nothing to lose but more money at this point, but approval to put transmission towers on a lot just south of the Tsawwassen border would be such a windfall that an appeal is obviously being looked upon as a gamble worth taking.

Courts can work in mysterious ways, but it's hard to see this appeal being successful given it's a review of a land use decision that looks pretty darn airtight. Last fall the county's hearing examiner rejected the application, ruling the proposed towers exceed height limits specific to the tiny American peninsula, a decision that was subsequently upheld by the county council in January.

HELP FUND THE LEGAL FIGHT: for credit cards 

Checks payable to: PRTA/FTT  

P.O. Box 158, Point Roberts, WA 98281 

What you can do

Please email, write, or phone the people / agencies listed below.  

See the Topics subpage for points you can make in your communications.  Please write or phone today!

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Congresswoman Suzan Delbene

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Phone (202) 225-6311

Senator Maria Cantwell 

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Phone (425) 303-0114

Senator Patty Murray

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Phone (425) 259-6515

Kerry-Lynne Findlay Q.C.

MP Delta-Richmond East

607 Confederation

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6


[email protected]

Vickie Huntington, MLA, Delta South

(604) 940-7924

[email protected]

4805 Delta Street, Delta, BC 


Lois E Jackson, Mayor of Delta

(604) 946-3210

[email protected]

Write to the US Consul General via

Write to the  Honourable James Moore, Minister Industry Canada [email protected]

Sign the online petition at

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